Eucalyptus Populus stabilized natural tree 130 cm

Natural Eucalyptus Populus tree stabilized indoor on natural trunk.

Is characterized by its round leaves with a gray-green hue, bringing a wild side and an instant volume to sublimate your interior.

Populus' ability to change color with light is remarkable, changing from green to gray with blue undertones.

Black PVC culture pot.

  • Height 130 cm / Width 50 cm - Pot diameter 20 cm and 20 cm high


Cache pot not provided

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detailed description

Note: The photo of the plant frame is not contractual. Stabilized plants are natural plants, their appearance may vary slightly from plant to plant. If a plant is out of stock, the composition of the painting may vary slightly while keeping its overall style.

Lifespan: the stabilized plant board has a lifespan of approximately 5 years, under good growing conditions. For this, it should not be placed in a humid space, nor in contact with direct sunlight.

Variation over time: stabilized plants are natural plants. As such, their color may change slightly over time. This is particularly the case with moss balls, the color of which can vary from green to yellow.

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Tips for use


Stabilized plants are natural plants that have received a stabilization treatment. This unique process consists of replacing the sap of a plant with a biodegradable vegetable glycerin. Thus, the plants are frozen in time and keep their original aesthetic qualities: flexibility, texture, freshness... They have a lifespan of several years.

The location

  • Use of stabilized plants indoors
  • No direct light, the sun's rays can damage the plants
  • Less than 40°C temperature
  • Humidity rate below 70% (average humidity rate of a dwelling: 40% to 60%)

The interview

No maintenance is necessary, no need to have a green thumb!

  • Do not spray water or spray
  • Do not add fertilizer
  • Do not prune
  • Only dusting can be useful