Gynerium stabilized natural plant

This plant with this majestic appearance is distinguished by its lightness and verticality with its long, narrow green leaves that come together in a thick bunch.

It can be very useful to add a touch of greenery and diversify your interior decoration.

You can thus play on the volumes of a room according to your needs.

Height 1m

Black PVC culture pot with stabilized moss on the surface

  • Height 100 cm / Width 40 cm - Pot diameter 20 cm and 20 cm high


Cache pot not provided


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Tips for use


Stabilized plants are natural plants that have received a stabilization treatment. This unique process consists of replacing the sap of a plant with a biodegradable vegetable glycerin. Thus, the plants are frozen in time and keep their original aesthetic qualities: flexibility, texture, freshness... They have a lifespan of several years.

The location

  • Use of stabilized plants indoors
  • No direct light, the sun's rays can damage the plants
  • Less than 40°C temperature
  • Humidity rate below 70% (average humidity rate of a dwelling: 40% to 60%)

The interview

No maintenance is necessary, no need to have a green thumb!

  • Do not spray water or spray
  • Do not add fertilizer
  • Do not prune
  • Only dusting can be useful