What is stabilized vegetable?

Qu'est ce que le végétal stabilisé ?

The stabilized vegetable is a technique of preservation of the plants which makes it possible to preserve their appearance and their natural texture for a long period without the need for watering nor light. This technique consists of replacing the natural sap of plants with a solution of glycerin and water, which is then absorbed by the tissues of the plant.

Once the solution is absorbed, the plants are dried and treated to maintain their natural appearance. Preserved plants are often used in home decor, flower arrangements, storefronts, special events and exhibits.

The stabilized plant used in Greenalys boards has many advantages over fresh plants, including longer life, minimal maintenance, resistance to pests and diseases, freedom from dust or debris, and a natural appearance. constant. However, it should be noted that this technique may have a higher cost than buying fresh plants, and some plants are not suitable for stabilization.

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